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Lawn Clearing and Landscape Services

Lawn Clearing

Huesca Tree Service not only provides excellent tree removal and trimming service, but we stay at your site until we clean up all the resulting debris. When we leave, your property is as clean or cleaner than it was when we arrived, and we always treat your home and yard with respect.

We are also happy to clear your lawn of small trees, bushes, dead branches and overgrown vegetation, see "Major Landscape Cleanup" below.

Before and After Lawn Clearing (to install a shed)

Sod Installation

Huesca Tree Services provides new lawn, full lawn replacement and lawn area improvement services for residential or commercial properties. In keeping with our quality standards, our sod is fresh from the farm and we provide all services to ensure beautiful green growth. That includes removing old grass or sod, eliminating pests, laying new sod, maintenance and cleanup.

Other Landscape Services

As your full-service tree and landscape company we also offer the following:

  • Removal of invasive plants, and excessive bush and brush.
  • The careful and artful laying of mulch or shells to landscapes.
Lawn Replacement in progress
After Lawn Replacement with White Shells

Major Landscape Cleanup

Huesca Tree Services can remove any mess or debris in your yard. For example, after large storms huge pieces of wood and wreckage may litter your yard – which no city or county service is going to clear. We can help! We have the tools available to remove yard debris of any size or kind including branches, clippings, stumps, soil, sod and other debris.

General Cleanup near Fruitville Road Sarasota